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  • It seem using 'Anchor' behaviors on any objects and do a scrolling (either crollto or manually) result in some visual 'flickering' on objects when starting/stopping to scroll, it is noticeable even when moving, is there a fix?

    Right now i just do it manually trough events but if there is a solution to make smooth anchoring then it would be faster to do and would maybe speed up things a bit, i just hate any flickers so i don't use anchor behavior, this mean i have to keep track of all static objects initial positions then update every objects on a regular basis...

    As for example, well, just make an object (or multiples one as it is more noticeable when there is many) with an anchor behavior then make an object with scrollto and one movement behavior and you will see what i mean, when you move you will notice some 'jumping'/'flickering' on the anchored object.

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  • I'm noticing the same trouble. I'm trying to add some simple UI elements, but they flicker like crazy when I'm scrolling around the game.

  • You should only use the Anchor behavior on objects on a layer with parallax set to 0, 0 (i.e. scrolling disabled). It's not designed to be used on scrolling objects.

  • Thanks Ashley. Do you have any recommended places to look for an alternative? I've tried a number of different things (mostly updating on every tick) but it all ends up flickering.

  • Can you share a .capx that isn't working right for you?

  • Oh wow, thank, problem solved, didn't thought of this, the problem can indeed be easily solved by creating a layer with parralax set to 0,0 and add objects that need to stay on screen there... they will not be affected by any scrolling change so no more worries about any flickering and i guess this is better performance wise than updating every frames

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