How do I make a smart bouncy ball

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  • Im making a game where the MC can become bouncy at will, and I want it to be like, he is standing still and a projectile comes by, on impact both ricochet in opposite directions, how can I make this? I tried to use the bullet behaviour but the constant need of an angle of motion makes it annoying for my limited event capacity, I also tried playing around with phisics behaviour, but the guy just wont bounce, the projectile rotates its motion in a weird way and then leaves, even tho the MC's inmovable value is no, he still refuses to move, any ideas or working events you could suggest?

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  • someone? I got the behaviour of knockback when getting hit by a projectile, but I cant get it to correctly bounce against the floor

  • Although you probably understand exactly what you have explained above, for someone who hasn't seen it it is very unclear..

    Could you share your capx and/or make some kind of drawing of the effect you are aiming for?

  • well, I cant give the capx, Ill try to explain further

    its a game where you dont fight back with violence, but rather sneak out and deactivate drones peacefully

    when an enemy spots you, he shoots a laser bolt at you, if you toggle your shield, you will acquire the laser bolt's angle of impulse and half of its impulse, thats fixed, but I cant figure out this

    I would like for the player to be able to solve puzzles by bouncing with the shield, its a bubble shield, so when you deploy your shield you wont bounce, but if you collide against a wall at a speed, you will bounce off that wall, like a bouncy ball, I tried using the bullet's ricochet behaviour, but since it requires an angle of motion, it gets annoying to control

    Any ideas?

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