A small tip for using audio on CoccoonJS

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  • Hi there!

    I have experienced allot of audio issue's regarding volume.

    Meaning that when i set the volume of a soundfx "lower" then its normal volume, the sound first plays full and then drops down.

    In my game (a mini strategy game on the Iphon4) i have allot of gunsounds and explosions running at the same time.

    So u can understand that i need a perfect balance in the audio.

    When using the CocoonJS Launcher, the volume(drop)issue is not resolved, mainly because (what i have read in other posts)the audio api for html5 is just not perfect yet.

    So i came to the conclusion to delete all my volume settings within the game project.

    And then try running it again in CocoonJS.

    This time the audio worked perfectly..

    I still need to manage the audio differences (as written bellow) but at least the audio volume does not drop after first hearing a full peak.

    So the tip here is to just open your favorite wave-file editor and "process" your soundfx with the volume "gain" u intend to use in the game.

    Then import the file into Construct2 and use it without any volume settings.

    It may take u a while to orchistrate the perfect balance but its worth it.

    And best of all!!!

    I got 7 FPS back when not using the set volume option.

    So my game runs even better.

    Just a Tip.

    Maybe its usefull to u <img src="smileys/smiley12.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Kind Regards.

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  • Great tip!

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