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  • Hello. I apologize for my English, I use a translator.

    I have a problem with physics. For example, I've made ??two videos.

    This video from the device

    And this from a PC

    As seen on the PC, all is good, but there is a problem on the device - the physics is delayed. Because of what the boxes go into each other. Then they jump appears with force. On Iphone 4S same problem.

  • I am not quite sure why this is happening, it could just be due to the slowness of the device.

    However, for a precision-based puzzle game like this, I would strongly suggest not using physics, but something else, either your own custom movement or maybe the platformer behavior with no controls. That way it will be a lot easier to predict the outcome of the puzzle.

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  • Devices did not seem to slow. This Nexus 7 on Tegra 3 and the iPhone 4S. When showing FPS, they are not slowing down. Hold about 60. It is strange that on the PC, all is normal. I understand that the PC is much faster, but why do not slow down the FPS on the device.

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