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  • Hello, I have purchased a game template for Construct 2. When I export it for html5 it works fine, but when I exported with Cordova for mobile devices and build it to a device it runs really slow. I have used both Cordova CLI and tutorials from construct.

    Why it is slow for mobile devices? Is there anything that I can do ?


  • Well check the performance in the debug mode, see what events take the most, how much collisions per second you have, are the images you use to big or to large?

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  • Hi.

    • Check that you destroy objects as soon as possible (less things happening = less lag)
    • Check your exported files's media (sound/images) to see if there are large files; if yes reduce their sizes
    • Check that you use features such as TRIGGER ONCE, because if not the game can create multiple, for example, particles, in a second which slows the game.

    Basically you want to use the absolute minimum objects / calculations in order to make the game work.

    Another TIP that I use which i find very useful is use the HUE Adjust effect which allows you to have multiple colors of enemies while it all uses only one image.

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