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  • Hi everybody,

    I've started to work on a platformer game 2 weeks ago, design for mobiles and especially android. I've just bought the complete liscence today to test my game on a real phone. But that's the problem, I can have a framerate greater thant 40 FPS which is too low for a platform game.

    Could I get higher framerate ?

    If yes how ? I already read perfomance tips...

    Thanks a lot

    ps : Sorry for my english I'm french

  • Are u using Ludei's CocoonJs to package for android ? if so , you will see better performance.

  • Yes I use Cocoonjs. With a few optimization tips i can reach 50-60 fps but on HTC sensation I've got only 20-35, is there a way to optimize again ?

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  • It's really hard to give you advice if we can't see you project file.

    CocoonJS is still being developed and hopefully in the near future we'll have a webgl export, that will probably boost the fps even more.

  • Mobile devices can literally be 100 times slower than your desktop. The most common mistake is just giving the phone too much work to do in rendering.

  • yeah. Canvas2d is fillrate rendering and it's not that much fillrate either. Depending on the chip for mobile devices it can be anywhere from

    0.5 to 4 times the screen size in fill rate to achieve even 30fps.

    the best you can do is start low and move up and do this on your lower powered hardware device

  • Thanks for your answer,

    In fact I've read a lot on Kudei(s forum and I learnt that the propblem with htc sensation have a chip that has not a very good buffering and that's for that reason that I have 60 fps on glaxy S2 et 25 fps on htc sensation...

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