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  • I'm making a game where I would like the game action to slow down once the GAME OVER text appears, and then eventually the game action stops. Then the player can either restart or go the main menu. I'm aware of the Time Scale feature so I'd like to know what events I'd need to accomplish this.

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  • The easiest way is to have a variable set when your condition is met (ie. gameover=1), then use system set timescale: value.


    [System:Compare variable (gameover=1):]

    System Set TImescale 50

    Wait 1

    System Set Timescale 40



    Or better yet, make a function that reduces a Timescale variable by 1 each .1 seconds and then simply call the function when gameover=1 and set timescale to the timescale variable so it grinds to a smooth stop. This would allow you to use a compare on the timescale variable as well so when timescaleVar=0 trigger GAME OVER.

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