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  • This is probably very easy but I had an object with physics. How do I make it not fall so fast? Like I want it to fall 10 pixels per seconds for example. Also, how do I make it spin 20 pixels for example, clockwise?

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  • create a family, and at the moment you want to change it, select the family and set the physics values to the new values...

    if you want to revert, set them to the previous values...

    lets say, for example if you want to create something like bullet action while pressing the "x" key you will need to set those values while the "x" key is pressed, and set the old values once relased

    just saying

  • im guessing your actor is a main actor, and you want to create some sort of slowmotion physics effect, you can do that by checking platform behavior i think, and platform behavior has its own gravity system, which is kinda better then the actual physics, just sometimes fails at collisions as any physics in c2 at the moment, and passes through objects if the forces are to high, anyway

    so what you could do for a slowmotion effect for jump is when platform is jumping, set gravity force(original is 9.8 i think) set it to 2.5 then after 2/3 seconds using wait random(2,3) set gravity force back to normal that will make your character slowmotion gravity pull, however other objects will have the same speed, since your only doing this to 1 char, but you could use also timescale to lower the timespeed of gameplay i have something similar using in a game template il upload in scirra soon, its doing the same effect, as earn to die gamepplay, i hope we talking about same thing!

    for rotating the object 20 pixels, and make it smooth, you have to use the rotate toward angle function 1 pixel and angle you want to turn, that will make your char if its in original position which is 0 angle if you want it to spin clockwise, (right ) youl have to say rotate toward angle 20 by 1 pixel now you can do this in so many ways, just depends which suits your best interests, there are a few how do i posts if you search them will answer your questions, this main thing is basically a regular question here!:)

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