How do I Slow Down Object Fall

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  • I have tried Physics, *dt, Bullet, Gravity, Force and anything else I can think of. I'm sure it's the way i set it up in the first place that it limiting my options.

    What I'm trying to do is on mouse over (Or for the app On Touch) is make each balloon whoosh back into the air as if a gust of wind has blown under it. That part I almost have, (I wish it was a little more air like but maybe I'll get that.)

    The problem I'm having is making it randomly come down at different speeds each time its pushed back into the air I want it to come back down sometimes slower, sometimes faster not just drop rapidly.

    How do I do this???

    Been at this for days and it's probably simple but I think I over thought the process.

    Here are the capx

    Any help is appreciated thank you

    The object of the game it to keep as many balloons in the air as possible without letting them touch the grass.

    There will be no re spawn once the the balloon is popped in the final game. I just set that to test it.


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  • I can't open your file because im using a different version of construct 2 but from what you've said i think if you add an instance variable(or global variable) to the balloons with an initial value of 0, and than compare it so that when the values = 1 or 2 or whatever, you can create events so that when the value ='s 1 set the gravity to 5, or ='s 2 set the gravity to 40. then make an event on the mouse click or whichever you used set the values to choose(0,1,2) which makes the system choose randomly between the numbers each time. I think you can make it choose(0-2) as well. i hope this helped. sorry if i explained it poorly. you might also be able to use arrays but i dont understand those thing so im not sure.

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