How do I slow down a custom movement object?

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  • I can use Accelerate CustomMovement toward a position on every tick, and it gets faster and faster each tick.

    But how do I slow it down, like if I want to cancel the movement towards that position, I don't want to stop it right away, but deccelerate at a certain rate until it comes to a complete stop.

    Any ideas?

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  • Use a negative number?

  • hey,

    ive had a similar question ( i want a max speed and able to axxelerate in antoher direction even if the max speed is reached so i will answer this questiion in some more detail:

    for your question, what chris means was somethign like this:


    note that i set the angle to -180degrees to deaccelerate in the opposite direction.

    in addition to this i faced the problem with the max speed which is usefull for any space simulation. i just don makes sence to dont cap the maximum movement speed. so here is my solution to this which works pretty well


    I hope this helps



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