How do I slow down?

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  • I'm using an invisible sprite to select my menu items (up and down) and my gamepad joystick movement is too fast and i need to slow it down and basically mimic the keyboard/dpad movement.

    keyboard: on down arrow pressed: sprite moves 85 pixels at angle 90

    keyboard: on up arrow pressed: sprite moves -85 pixels at angle 90

    gamepad2: gamepad 0 left analog Y axis less than 80: sprite moves -85 pixels at angle 90

    gamepad2:gamepad 0 left analog Y axis greater than -80: sprite moves 85 pixels at angle 90

    thanks for any help.

  • You mean like adding a trigger once to the gamepad events?

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  • hey sorry for the late reply. ya i tried triggers etc and system-wat. i figured it out in the end, the dpad and keyboard up/down settings were good but i used the same settings for the joystick which was the problem, basically instead of using 85 pixel movement i used 9pixel movement in the end and it slowed things down a lot. im thinking of making a tutorial for it so others can see how its done

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