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    Hello everyone I'm new on the forum my name silver.ho need to Sample in capx format, I ask Because despite Have read the construct2 Manual I can not Nevertheless a fee What I Want. Coming I have an idea but I would Have A Point of Departure and then continue by myself. the idea of ​​where I was inspired by the Rubik's cube drift obviously views in 2D! Sorry if I express myself badly, but I'm using google translator. This system or algorithm is fine for many numbers of colorful anchors Code WANT, I can be 2x2 3x3 4x4 5x5 6x6 7x7 8x8 9x9 10x10 etc .. if for example the level ce A facade 4x4, The beginning of all colors are Mischiati for Solving the puzzle we must Align ALL colors in Riga, or Horizontal or vertical! then you can solve staff Because Cases! do not move one color at a time, there are blanks, CAN move a row of colors or vertical or horizontal. came in the video attached the slip moving And What pear with dofferemza What if you move A Row Although the move "and wrong" It ends to move SAME, IS counted coming move equally know. the colored tiles are not "eat" the colors are not deleted, there are no empty spaces if 4x4 then there will be 16 pieces! there is a time and there is Also the counter of the moves, The Game And a record Less moves do to solve it gains blackberries points! if there are to Similar games this idea please linkatemi The Game or Write the name. I repeat I need only Example Let no I do not want the Whole Game Developments, thanks a lot for Aver bed, anxiously Appearance In Your Answer!

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    example resolve:

    the only post that we say comes close to my idea that I found have left attached an example in capx, this here: ... ./download

    but not with the keys, must be touch and movement of the lines must be like in the video, please.

    if I still wrong section, help me find her

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    You have been more than adequately warned.


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