How do I slice a sprite?

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  • I am working on a game, and the main concept there is to cut/chop a sprite using finger touch, like in fruit ninja, but do that in a way that I can select each sliced part of my sprite separately.

  • Sombody made a trim effect:

    You will need to spawn 2 sprites. Will only work horizontal or vertical iirc.

    The only other way I know to do it is with Unity and middle-ware that does real time boolean subtracts on the meshes.

    Maybe someone else knows a good way. I would like to learn this new trick too

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  • Hrmmm, there are Draw modes too i forgot about. Maybe you can hack something to together using the spurce in, source out ...Etc...

    Just use another sprite to occlude the subtracted part of the original fruit sprite. Can be whatever angle the occlude sprite is set at.

    in C2 just start a new project, and search for "DRAW" to find the draw mode example.

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