How do I make a skill effect by animation ?

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  • I wan to make a sprite skill like dragon ball goku kamehameka

    I have try swap with other object with my sprite but the skill effect is to fast coming out and my animation is take 5sec to finish , and I need my skill effect come out after 5sec

    Can anyone show the how to do it ?

    And I do please need a example for this skill effect

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  • Try setting a condition like this.

    New condition, select your character, select "Is animation playing", then set the animation he uses on the skill.

    Add another condition (Press C) and select the character again, this time you will compare the frame the current playing, set it equal to the last frame of the animation.

    After creating this two conditions set up your skill effect to appear wherever you want.

    Remember to end the animation or set the conditions to trigger only once, or the game will create A LOT of skill effects one after the other.

    You can use the same check frame condition to destroy the skill after it's used.

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