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  • Hi guys... now ...from reading and asking arround the biggest performance killer is probably the image size from what I understood. I have a question...maybe there is no difference ..but maybe U know

    If I need a bigger "end level boss sprite"... is it better if I draw it in photoshop imediatelly bigger...or is it better if I draw it normally with as smaller image size and scale it in cs2 ??? That's a performance question...basicly: which choice is better if I have to choose one of this two: having a big sprite...or streching a small to bigger size (quality is not important of the image) ?

    A other question... I studied a bit arround for my game and have decided that enemies and player have this pixel size to preserve details: 190x190 pixels more or less.... is that too big ...or could that be ok in ur opinion ?

    thanks everybody

  • images sizes depends on the platform , second 190 is very fine for a desktop , but for a mobile you don't even need that size for a small mobile screen.

  • thanks ... what do U suggest for mobile games as player size compared to the 190 of dektop game ?

    if anybody has other suggestions or tips for the graphic would be great

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  • there is no specifique size , first of all pcik your layout size , decent one for mobiles like ( 480x854 ) , then the character size depend on your game type and layout size will be obvious to you

  • thanks any info for the first question of streching sprites ?

  • hemm doesn't seem a good way to me , tretching and generally risizing sprites in the engine isn't professional at all , you must have the exact size ready made. don't stretch and scale.

  • if I open a new sprite...does it have automaticly the real image size like how I have created it in photoshop ? it diesn't seem to me ...maybe I am wrong...

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