Size problem with facebook upload,

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    Here is a link to a folder with 2 screenshots in it, I'm having a proper noob day.. I've tried uploading a game to facebook, a construct game of course, the size just goes mental, I don't understand what has happened. Is there a specific layout size and window size for facebook?

    The game on facebook has completely ignored my sizes that I put in construct 2, is it something I need to do when putting onto facebook? Or exporting? I just exported as HTML website and didn't change any settings :/

    Thats the game,

    640, 480 is my window size,

    640, 1024 is my game layout size, my other windows are the same as window size,,

    Please help

  • well I tried it it isnt too bad but why do you need the game layout to be so big ? is it for scaling purposes. also its a bit slow on the checking ? and returning it back to unflipped.

  • Wait wait it works? maybe its just my browser? I'd just followed a tutorial on how to make a memory match game just to get a little test going so I haven't tweaked sizes, Would you recommend making it smaller? Theres some technical code that sorts out the card sizes using the bigger sizes or something. But if it works then great, Thanks for looking, And yeah I'll sort out speeds, it didn't seem to be slow when I tested it :/ But THANKS!! ,

  • Is there a recommended layout size for a facebook game? I mean this card game should work if I cut sizes in half, It'll just make everything smaller, perhaps thats an issue?

  • Hey all,

    Sorry for posting again and again,

    Problem is fixed, I just had to set fullscreen in broswer to letterbox integer, Works perfectly , I'm still newish to this so will get there eventually

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  • Well it worked in chrome so idk about the other browser

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