How do I make a single screen wrap

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  • Each main level is wrap around meaning if you go to far you'll end up on the opposite end, however unlike

    Pac Man i want the screen scrolling giving the impression that the space each level takes place in is infinite.

    so basically instead of appearing on the opposite end of screen, as you run to the right the stage seamlessly repeats its self like a tiled background , the same screen is repeated (wrapped) with all enemies and loops

    plz check out sega game flicky (sorry i cant add link my rep isnt high enough i just joined this site)

    i really need help with this if anyone has knowledge or any ideas, im sure there is someone smart enough to figure this out coz i am just a beginer and cant wrap my brain around this (excuse the pun)

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  • You'll need at least 2 of every object to represent one of them, most likely 4. Imagine if the object is on the left, just about to loop, you'd see half on the left edge, andd half on the right... same for top and bottom, and because of couners you'd see a quarter of the object on each corner! You'd need to use a common alterable value set to the same number for each of the 4, then use a for each loop to check that value and place them accordingly, and to make them all behave exactly the same (same animation frames, kill all if one is hit, etc)

    For the scrolling, you'd maybe need to make the actual frame 2x wide and 2x high, and teleport the player when he reaches certian x or y coordinates to simulate the infinate scrolling...this in conjunction with your 4 sprites for every object, enemy etc should provide the infinite 1 screen effect you're looking for I think.

    best of luck.


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