Single-frame landing animation?

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  • Hello all! I'm currently working on a 2D platformer prototype, and I've got everything working decently save for this:

    The character has a separate frame each for jumping, falling, hitting the ground and idling. I would like the sequence for a jump be

    jump -> fall -> ground contact -> return to idle

    The first two parts work great, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to keep the "ground contact" frame from looping over and over again after the player character returns to the ground.

    I am using the "On Landed" condition for that, but how do I handle the transition back into the idle state after the end of the jump? I'm probably missing something as simple as an added inverted condition, but I can't wrap my head around this one.

    Thanks in advance for any hints!

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  • wait 1 second, set it to idle animation?


  • In that instance it'll keep looping between the falling and contact animation, causing the character to spaz out for (x) seconds. I even tried a Stop Animation as the first instance, but it doesn't seem to affect the landing part at all. I'm completely stumped because if I tell it to just return to default state without an "impact" frame, that works perfectly fine.

  • Update:

    It was my origins being messed up. Setting it to the foot of the character stopped him from going crazy, and it now works like a dream. Remember to check your origins!

  • Hi.

    I have the same problem here.


    player is jumping > set ani to jump >

    player is falling > set ani to fall >

    player is on landed > set ani to land >

    the animation for falling is looping against to on landed..

    but when i remove fall, it go smoothly as it calls.

    but the animation is look like a glitch if i remove the falling.

    how did you put the origins? i tried putting it at the end bottom. but still not working right.

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