How can I make a single file for a game?

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  • The idea is that if someone saves the game, other people can load the progress that person has made. How can I do that? Note: is a HTML5 game host in google drive

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  • I would like to know this as well. My reason would be so that a player could save their high-score and it would add it to some sort of data file which was located in the google drive folder (which I'm using to host my HTML game). Hopefully, there is then a way for another player to view this high-score becasue they have access to the data file from the google drive folder.

  • There was a thread similar to this in the past.

    The idea was to embed the setting (or save status) to an URL, so other people can continue with the progress.

    [quote:3lmfnduv]- uppon sharing via twitter or facebook this app will also save the picture and related data to a server and give out a custom coded random number/letter id whithin a link which will direct the user to a finished postcard with the settings all set. This postcard includes a button that will in turn return a user to the main webapp site with the editing functions cleared so they can make their own postcard.

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