How do I sines, circle movements,etc... with maths

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  • I know i can use 2 sine behaviours and make one horizontal and other vertical with same values to make an object moves in a circle but i'm looking any math expresions to do all that in events so i can apply to sprites, effects, layouts or whatever.

    Also know the Sine behaviours have a "value only" but i want do the maths in events to have more flexibility in use this values.

    For example i already have the maths for a ScreenShake if somebody needs:

    max(0, screenShake/1.1 - 0.01) ["ScreenShake" is the number of power]

    Is really useful to use with the layout angle or scale and make the screenshake more spectacular or with effects like RGBA channel separation on colisions.

    So, i'm looking maths to do things like that, sines, circle movements or any other things so i can make my own movement system with instance variables to apply on sprites.

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  • Circular movement ("droid" sprite rotating around "center" sprite):

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