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  • ok i don't know how to start but lets just see the picture :

    <img src="" border="0" />

    as shown in the picture in sine behaviour the enemy move left,right of his starting point but the problem i want it to move just left or right and stop in his starting point and then move same way..

    i think this is a simple but i don't know i feel im forgetting something when i try to do it :(

  • You could use bullet movement, custom movement, 8 direction or just events.

    Here's a simple angle change with bullet: BulletAngle.capx

  • Nimtrix i think this the thing that i have forgotten .thanks that exactly what i want^^

  • I use 8 direction with default controls set to off for movin things around like that. Its how I make my npcs randomly walk around

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  • I love this plugin for exactly the purpose you need it for.

    GauVeldt Ease Behavior

    Note that this plugin will always place the sprite at the origin point specified. An easy way to make each sprite behave the same way is by doing something like this:

    At Start of Layout

    For Each Sprite

    ---> Sprite.GauVeldtEase Set Origin = Sprite.X, Sprite.Y

    ---> Sprite.GauVeldtEase Set Destination = Sprite.X + 64, Sprite.Y

    Then you can do something like...

    Every Tick

    ---> Sprite.GauVeldtEase Ease Both

    ... and it'll make them go back and forth constantly. Of course it can do a lot more than just that, but I believe that's probably what you're looking for.

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