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  • Can someone outline for me the steps needed to get the different IDs for two different touches that occur simultaneously?

    I have two large invisible sprites, each set to width = layout.width/2. If the player touches on the left side of the screen, this creates an on-screen control. If the player touches the right side of the screen, this creates a different on-screen control.

    You can check out what I currently have here: Icarus. Note that you have to be playing on a tablet or mobile device to test both touch controls.

    What I have sort-of works right now, but when I add the second touch, the on-screen control shows up where the first touch is, causing both controls to overlap.

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  • I have my debug box active in the live version at the moment. It updates every tick to show the LeftTouchID and RightTouchID.

    As you can see if you try the game, the touch IDs are never assigned. Touch.TouchID does not seem to be working. Could this be a bug?

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