Simultaneous button press for attack

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  • I'm trying to add a "charging attack" animation for when I press two buttons at the same time (D and J). But I also have various other animations setup for ground, running, and air attacks. My goal is to do a charge attack animation (D + J [while on ground] and [not running]), then when J is released, they do their kick animation.

    I can't get the charge to work, I've tried a few other variations to no avail :(

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  • cant you just add an extra condition?


    Condition 1->on key D down

    Condition 2->on Key J down

    Condition 3->is player on floor

    Condition 4-> is animation(running)playing

    Action-> player set animation "Charge Attack"


    if not that then something like

    on the above Key releases set a Variable if all conditions are met...

    and a new event that checks this Variable...and if true then play kick animation...

    it should work

  • I ended up getting it to work by putting an IsCharging Variable onto the character.

    |On J Press| > [Is Left OR Right Pressed AND Player is running] set side charge animation, set IsCharging to 1

    |On J Release AND IsCharging = 1| > Set IsCharging to 0,

    set animation SideAttack,

    set IsAttacking to 1


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