How do I make a simulation game ala SimCity 2000 or Banished

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  • Hey everyone,

    After a couple of smaller projects and a few publications on Google Play Store, I thought about making a simple town building game just to see if that thing would be possible to do in Construct 2 in first place. I understand that many of the functions would be similar to the regular RTS games so I tried looking for info through that. I also found this example ... ncept-wfow

    which is in my opinion full of interesting choices and concepts. Particularly, The idea where clicking a building would open a contextual menu is very appealing to me and actually shows me that there actually are elegant solutions for UI in construct 2.

    Now my question to you is how to mimic this type of behavior? Also, I am interested in the logic behind resources. It seems to be a combination of arrays and some sort of a database, but I am not sure. Obviously, I would not be asking these questions if the author had provided the .capx with the game, but I am afraid that I was unable to find it.

    Thanks for all the help.

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