simulating a vessel and blood flow for educational game

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  • I am making an educational game about blood vessel and the diverse elements in blood. I have different types of cells that are bouncing off the walls of the vessel. I use one blood cell to be the player. The player bumps into types of cells to show info. All this is working fine.

    I use the bullet for the cells so it is easy to bounce of the walls and stay inside the vessel area. However I would like the cells to move toward the right since I want to show the blood flow. However the bounce off the wall sends cells in all directions. is there a way to direct the bounce? Is there a better way to approach this? I am new at Construct 2 and trying to find my way through the many things that can be done. I would appreciate the help.

  • maybe instead of using bounce off solid, try on collision, then set the angle to where you want it to bounce...

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  • Thanks. I'll try that.

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