Simulating "White Noise" along a point

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  • Hi guys. I want to create sort of a "WHITE NOISE" effect with the lines of my sprite.

    In the capx below are my attempts at creating that effect on sprites. ... .capx?dl=0

    FACE 1 is the base animation of each face

    FACE 2 uses controlled double sine to simulate shaking effect. can be moved using WASD

    FACE 3 uses REX'S SHAKE PLUGIN. can be moved using UDLR

    Now as you can see in both picture and CAPX, the white noise simulation looks better on FACE_2.

    However it cannot be smoothly implemented as setting its position relative to a point every tick results in it not moving at all so I'm forced to set FACE_2 position every X seconds and this results in a pretty bad, Atari-looking displacement.

    Basically, I want FACE_3's shaking along a point but with less intensity that what it currently has. Is there a separate effect for shaking where you can control the parameters of the the shake? What other solutions would you suggest?

  • I can't open the capx since i don't have that third party plugin.

    I guess you could do face2 with events though. Use one object that you'd move around and then just position a second object with sines, using the first as the center.

    Here's the sine equation:


    And the events:

    start of layout

    magX = 4 + random(2)

    perX = 0.2 + random(0.2)

    offX = 0

    magY = -4 + random(2)

    perY = 0.4 + random(0.2)

    offY = 0

    every tick

    sprite: set x to center.x + magX*sin(perX*time*360 +offX)

    sprite: set y to center.y + magY*sin(perY*time*360 +offY)

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  • ...

    Yeah! This is pretty good. It doesn't have the jumpy effect like when I try to combine sine + displacement every tick.

    Thanks a lot!

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