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  • Hello all,

    For my game I have been using physics, and of course this is rather intensive on the ol' system resources. I managed to make a major game-play improvement by making monsters only simulate physics behavior instead of have the physics property iteself; so if they touched something that needed to move, there is an event that just applies an impulse at the monster's angle to the object - far, far more system friendly.

    Now what I want to do is take all of my wall objects and remove the physics from them since there are a lot of them, but I don't want physics objects to pass through them (physics objects just slide right through non-physics objects). I wanted to do something similar to what I did for the monsters, but it was a lot simpler for the monsters. For walls, the physics object colliding with it needs to stop and perhaps even bounce off the wall slightly, but I am unsure how to do that. Further, without the physics property, the player-controlled character now just goes through walls like they are not even there.

    What would you do to fix these issues?

    Thanks in advance!

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