simulatie game can make or not

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  • I may have a stome question.

    can I construct two paid software.

    create a simulation game.

    workshop manager game.

    you get orders from customers

    you must distribute though your mechanics.

    what bothers me is:

    I have an order that I want to give mechanic .2.

    if the mechanic order plays an animation.

    for the period of the repair.

    Now if the mechanic is working on an order that he not yet an order can get.

    only when the technician is ready he can get an order again

    sorry for the bad engels

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  • Since it seems like you're asking if you can do this in the licensed version, in short, yes, you can make all that in a game using Construct 2, .

  • cool now i need save some money to bay the programma i think oktober i can pay it

    but i lear now the code so i can make the game

  • Yeah, spend time with the Free edition to learn the code, and when you're confident and want to make a game you can sell, upgrade to the licensed version, . You also get more default sounds and graphics when you upgrade to help speed up development, though using your own unique assets is always a better move if you intend to sell.

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