How do I Simulate Touch With Control Animation

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  • I'm trying to add touch controls to my game. I have read Ashley's easy to follow tutorial, but in my game the player has a 'slide' animation when the DOWN key is pressed.

    In the event sheet - Touch --> Is Touching 'TouchDown' --> PlayerBox --> Simulate Control --

    The options only give me Right, Left & Jump.

    How can I simulate the 'Slide' control'? Is it possible?

    Thanks for any help.

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  • What happens when the player slides?

    EDIT: just saw your other post. not sure if that means you've got it figured out, but if so, just ignore this.

  • Hey spacedoubt,

    Yeah, i got it figured out. Think of basic platform controls but in my game i have the slide animation, which is 'DOWN'. C2 doesn't have a DOWN control option. Before when i ran the layout, the player would act wonky.

    He would become horizontal, climb vertically as if he was climbing a wall, flip upside down and pin to the 'FLOOR'. It took me a bit of pacing but i finally got it.

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