How do I simulate jumping?

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  • HI Guys

    I have a scenario where the computer takes over and the player jumps over the stones to the next phase.

    ( The game is played by young children, and the purpose is not skill but adventure).

    So what i need is the game to simulate the act of jumping over the stepping stones for him before giving back control?

    Goto and move to just moves the object directly to the coordinate, without in between or animation, i do also have a jump animation i can use.

    so my issue is i dont want the player to miss the stone! or fall of screen, which is why i want the game to handle it.

    any thoughts are very welcomed

  • If you are using the platform behavior there is a "Simulate control" action. So you can simulate the controls, for example pressing right and jump.

  • but what if someone presses a key against your wishes? left while your simulate right?


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  • Stick all you keyboard checks into a group and during this automation deactivate the group ?

    Not tested - just a thought. Might also need to set up your own key checks (turn off the default ?)

  • Ok great thanks tried that and it seemed to work, however we are instead now altering the stepping stones to a bridge instead ( easier!)

    Thank you for your help.

  • Wasn't there a start ignoring input action?

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