How do I simulate an event in the start of a layout?

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  • Hi guys,

    I been optimizing my game like crazy and its now running nice at 60FPS, EXCEPT when triggering surten events for the first time.

    For example, when hitting an enemy for the first time on a layout it will be a small delay, but then the next time I hit an enemy it works fine without any problem.

    So my thinking is that I must be able to simulate that event somehow in the start of the layout so that when I actually hit the enemy for the first time it run as smooth as when I do it a second time.

    any idea?

    Best Regards Wonamik

  • Also when starting a new layout there is always a few seconds of framerate drop in the start, if anyone know how to fix this too then I would appreciate it a lot

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  • Like in some games when you enter a new area you the game loads (loading all new content) and then when you enter the new area it runs smooth.

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