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  • Hello guys! I have a little problem with some events in my game.

    For start, I made an object named "Player". I added to it the Platform behaviour. With the default controls, and I added the WASD controls using the simulate (left, right, jump) event while WASD keys are down. The default controls and the alternate ones works as it should.

    Now, I added two other objects, and I added to them the 8 Direction behaviour with left and right direction only. When running the game, the default controls works fine. But when I add "Keyboard - A is down - object - simulate 8 direction pressing left" nothing happens when I press A key. If I press the arrow key from the defaul controls it works well.

    What I want to do is while the player is moving, two objects to move closer to the player. That's why I need the same key for the player and for the objects with the 8 driection behaviour.

    What should I do in order for the simulate control for 8 direction behaviour to work?

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  • Hello again. I figured out the problem. It seems that it was a mistake I made. In my project I have a template layout and a template event sheet. And when I created a new layout, I forgot to link it to the new event sheet created, and it draw the events from the template one. Now it work as it should. I am sorry for it

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