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  • I'm trying to make a pretty simple space shooter, but I'm having some weird problems using an on screen d-pad for the touch controls.

    Here is how I am handling it in the event sheet:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I have the mouse set to act as touch controls, and when I launch the game from Construct2, and try to move the player using the d-pad, the sprite only moves maybe 1 or 2 pixels at a time. It also doesn't seem to be registering having the mouse button held down either.

    I also went ahead and tested it on a touch device, and I received the same results. Am I missing something, or is something else happening?

    On an added note, it did seem to randomly work for a second, without me changing anything on the event sheet, but the next time I launched the game to test it, it was no longer working.

    Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated!


    It took some messing around with other events, but I was able to solve my problem.

    Although, it doesn't explain why it randomly worked once earlier...

    I no longer have a question, so this can be disregarded!

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