How do I make simulate control work?

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  • Hi!

    It's me again. Anyway, the enemy spawns ok, but it doesn't move. It's speed is not zero and if I enable platform default control to see if the movement thing is just in the simulation it works.

    So... Help, please?

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  • Where do I begin..

    By enemy you mean "inimigo1" sprite? It doesn't move because "ação" instance variable is empty. You need to set "direita" or "esquerda" value, and then it will start moving.

    You have some sprites facing left, some facing right. It's recommended to have all sprites facing right (0 degrees).

    And finally, your animations. They are insane! ini1Exp sprite alone is 13MB. Why not do the same effect with particles?! Each of 4 Player sprites have 300 frames for just walking animation! Your game is already using 2GB of memory for images and is very slow. You will soon not be able to run it if you continue like that. You need to reduce the amount of graphics significantly!

  • Ah, I see. Forgot about the action value. About the animations... Yeah, they're super heavy, I was looking to first finish the programming and then optimize everything. Thanks dude!

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