How do I simulate ELSE on clicked object?

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  • Hello,

    I have one big sprite as a background and several small sprites on top of background.

    I want to know if I clicked small sprite (add score) or clicked anywhere else (decrease score). Currently when I click on small sprite then I get add score and decrease score together because both sprites are under mouse cursor.

    Something like:

    IF small sprite is clicked:

    add score

    ELSE if big sprite is clicked:

    ...i want to go there...


    Any ideas?

  • Root event ___On click (< the trigger, triggers cant stand an else, so now a sub event)

    ________Sub event___Cursor is over object (small one)

    ________________________Action for the little one


    ________Cursor is over object (big one)

    ________________________Action for the big one

  • rotacak

    99Instances2Go suggestion should work fine, another way would be to add a second condition to the big sprite click that says "mouse not over small spite"


    IF small sprite is clicked: add score

    IF big sprite is clicked AND mouse not over small sprite: decrease score

    (You do a "not over" condition by adding another condition that says Mouse Over object, and then right-click that and invert it)

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  • Thank you, it works

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