How do I make a Simple Text Adventure

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  • Hey guys.

    Can anyone give me a example how to make a text based adventure?

    I would make a game like:

    You are in a room - than two buttons go out of room and go to window.

    I mean not a text adventure where you must input an text. I mean a text adventure where you must click buttons to change or interact in the game.

    Hope anyone can help me.

  • Then it really isn't text adventure anymore...

    Anyway, adventures are a beautiful example of state machines. You just give a name to each room, then use a global variable that you store the current room in. Each room has exits that you make clickable (or not, if you want to make them available after a certain event). Whenever you change a room, you change the variable and update the view. It is very simple, at least compared to other game mechanics. Text adventures were some of the first games to be made thanks to this simplicity.

    Just give it a try with a simple prototype, you don't need graphics - just focus on figuring things out, then you'll know how to make the real deal.

  • For real *text* adventure (Aka interactive text game) I'd recommend a real parser like Inform, those have some neat tools that make things happen. (see )

    What the original poster apparently is looking for is making Point&click adventure ... (like Sierra, Myst etc) It's quite doable, and I have seen some demos of those made at Construct.. See Tutorials, I think there is one or two suitable.

  • Sounds like what you want is more of a choose your own adventure game. Such a game is very simple to do in C2. In fact, it's so basic that I kind of suspect you have little to no experience at all with C2 or programming. If that's the case, I'd suggest starting with whatever beginner tutorials you can get your hands on (and there are PLENTY). Play around with the example .capx files (visible when you create a new project). After you've gotten through a few tutorial games and understand the basics of arrays, variables, etc., it should be fairly clear how you can make such a game (and many others).

  • I made a tutorial explaining and building a dialog system. The example that goes with it is more or less a simple text adventure with multiple choices, like you described. Here, take a look.

    But like Teacherpeter said, you are looking for something quite basic, so this solution might be too big for your need. If so, you should start by doing more tutorials maybe.

  • Hi Cub3D,

    If you're still interested I found someone that developed a very cool Construct 2 CYOA type gamebook engine for me. PM me and I'll give you his contact info. His fee is very reasonable and probably lower than what I paid.

  • Thanks this helped a lot!

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  • todheil can't write pn. Must have more than 500 rep points hehe. I am very intrested on this engine! can you give me a demo ? Thanks all for Help!!

  • Hi can't even share a hyperline with you.. 300 whatever needed to include that in a post...

    So.... go to fiverr dot com and search for "design your game idea". you want jeremiahstilts for the gig

    tell him todd sent you and that you're interested in a gamebook / CYOA demo

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