Simple Sprite Animation Hiccup

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  • I am sure this is a pretty easy, and obvious one to solve. Sadly, it's always the "easy and obvious" that i tend to have problems with. I am creating a simple platform game with the basic MARIO controls and animations. Starting off basic before i go into things that are more advance.

    So here is my issue:

    When i have the player move forward, the animation is set to "Waking". When the player jumps, the animation is set to "Jumping". No problem there. But when you are using the arrow keys or Dpad on a controller and you're also pressing the Up Arrow or A button your character jumps, but is still doing the Walking animation instead of the Jump animation.

    So simple, how do i have the player jump and perform the jump animation and have the walking animation stop?

    Edit: A more simple clarification would be while the player is in the air, the player is still performing the walk animation rather than the jump animation. This is because while you're holding down the Left or Right Arrow Key OR Left and Right on the Dpad while simultaneously pressing A or Up to jump, Construct still registers that you're moving forward and performs the Walking Animation rather than the Jumping animation. Hopefully that cleared up what i am trying to get at.

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  • you could add "is not jumping" or "is on floor" to the d-pad lines. or you could set the animation walking not based on the controller, but players movement.

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