Simple Scorched Earth, Worms game

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  • R0J0hound yep, worked , thanks! I need to detect the side left-right to add -speed or speed to give the exact angular rotation but now looks much better.

  • Uh, just found that if you set "prevent rotations" to "No" there is no need of set angular damping. In fact when you set "Prevent rotations" to yes is when the sprites rotates always to infinity, weird :S .

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  • matriax, can you please upload your completed working capx

  • My favorite way to do terrain is with a tilemap. You probably want to generate the terrain with events instead of using the editor. Destroying terrain is just one event as well. ... .capx?dl=1

    For falling terrain you'd have to do something else. Perhaps a sprite per column of dirt that you'd slice up when destroying circles out of them. It wouldn't work if you wanted each pixel of dirt to have it's own color. For that you'd have to just move tiles around which will be slow so you'll want to use a very low res terrain and maybe change the idea entirely since looping over a lot of positions like that is not something that's fast in events.

    I downloaded your .capx. How to you set the tiles on the shape you want? The "set tiles" dialog box seems to simple to me, and you made a complex shape with the tilemap.

  • gabmusic Did you read the entire post? There are more examples, showing different methods of making complex shapes with tilemap.

  • dop2000 Thanks a lot, I'll read it again.

  • I used this great template to put something together.

    Due to all the dead links, I couldn't tell if people had already done something similar.

    I used the tilemap as a mask for an image using a new effect which put a color key where the tilemap was transparent and the image where the tilemap tile was present. To add back a 'background' behind the image, I added another image on 'top' which used the color-key as a kind of inverse chroma key. This way we can a get a pixel-accurate image destructible.

    I know this might have already been done, but it was fun for me to try it based on the original template, thanks for sharing it!

  • that looks awesome! :) you should add a few particles to make it look like the buildings are crumbling as they get destroyed. And post the capx so people can see exactly how you did it.

  • Thanks for the comments.

    Yes, it would be good to add particles (and perhaps even real sprite particles w/ physics and fade out.)

    I did this with C3 (I know this is a C2 thread), but here's the template anyway, bundled w/ the new effects (I removed/edited all purchased art assets and the Spine character.)

    C3 Template

  • I couldn't open the file because it said it needed the AlphaMask and InverseChromakey effects.

    I think you might have to upload those to Addons & Extensions

  • Oh, strange, I tried to 'bundle' those in the c3p project file, perhaps effects don't bundle when in developer mode. I'm going to try another method w/o effects at all. I will upload that if it works.

  • I created a new version (overwrote the original link above) that does not use any effects, instead it now uses blend mode dest out and force own texture on a layer. Please download again.

    Note that collision checks grow and grow as more destruction is done, it may be better to have the destruction be simple and clean w/ less randomness, C3 may handle the collision checks better w/ a 'cleaner' shape of the tilemap.

  • The tilemap plugin combines tiles together into larger collision rectangles. That probably explains why the collision checks go up when the ground gets more irregular. The tilemap can’t combine as many tiles

  • matriax I am trying to make a simple scratch game... just need the part of erasing a block and throwing particles of different shapes... is exactly a dream for my project..

    I tried to download your links but server says it´s in your drive garbage.. would you be so kind to recover or place a new link?

    it will save me many many hours and will never get as good as in the example of first gif you got!

    will really appreciate


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