Simple Scorched Earth, Worms game

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  • Just added shadow caster, thought was gonna be a 0 Fps thing but the perfomance looks the same even with a bigger room.

    Next thing to add are custom destruction instead the circle and some particles. I think is looking interesting .

  • Looks cool!

    So how many tilemaps are there?

  • At the moment an unique tilemap.

    For breakable moving platforms i will have to create one for each, so will see how many tilemaps moving at the same time and with destruction can manage C2 with shadow caster

    But at the moment all that i'm testing is working with a great perfomance.

  • Added a better explosion and lots of particles and still 60 constant frames. Now the size is 640x480.

    Have to add also particles with physics that bounce on floor and when they velocity is less than X disable collision to disappear on the bottom and erase them to optimize the results.

    Also had an idea on destruction. The image of the explosion make a little more bigger than the erase tile and then the tiles on tilemap overlaped change their state/tile to a red one, to give the feel that zone was burned or similar, i don't know if i'm explaining well XD, btw i will post tonight or tomorrow if can achieve that.

  • This example is evolving with so much awesomness.

  • Ok. found the first limitation, i don't know exactly why but i guess too much points of collissions for physics.

    This happens after lots of destructions, but happen always. I tried to set all physics values to 0 and other stuff but nothing.

    No matter the layout or how many objects, is when you get X level of destruction this appears, always. With tilemaps using solids i can destruct an entire 1280x720 layout without problems. So, something regarding the physics behaviours.

  • I can’t read the image you posted of the error, but it’s probably the same known error that you get when creating and destroying too many physics objects.

  • Great job with visual effects! Screen shaking, camera movements, shadows, particles, explosions - all these make the game look awesome! Would love to see the final product.

    Try Bullet behavior with gravity and "bounce off solids" instead of physics.

    On collision, decrease bullet speed. After a couple of collisions, disable collisions for the particle sprite.

    Make very simple (3-4 points) collision polygons for particle sprites. Also, maybe only enable collisions for big particles?

  • R0J0hound Oh i see! :S

    dop2000 Yes, i did it before for other game, mainly make bounce with an instance variable to know how many times did it and at X bounces disable collision and fall off outside screen to optimize the perfomance, but i really want physics if is possible.

    I was looking for physics behaviours and i found two things:

    1.- Chipmunk Physics

    I saw that in my behaviours list, i searched on forums and was ported by R0j0hound. Is more complicated than the official Physics behaviours but i achieved working for my purposes, in this case i can destroy an entire 1280x720 layout witout problems <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

    2.- Box2D+ :

    Seems to have nice features and interesting action/expresions. Anybody tested it? Somebody knows why is not on C2? I mean, why scirra guys no added/improved the actual one if seems to be much better in all ways?. Btw, being a paid plugin using it can't share the source code anymore or i can but people should buy the plugin too.


    In other side i saw this and wonder if can be achieved in C2:

    ( Source: )

    Seems a procedural destruction. When a bullet impacts an X area afected, destroy x part i guess and adds sprites poligons with physics matching the form destroyed. I can fake it creating some pieces of tetris and build forms but here are just rectangles that after shot are cutted with some kind of voronoi algorithm maybe?. And then the shape is added to an sprite with physics? mmm, Any idea?

    I'm going to focus on chipmunk physics now to learn how all works and see if there is another limitation i'm missing and organize the code with all the additions that now is mess with families with physics/bullet/chipmunk,etc... XD .

  • Hey this looks great.

    Maybe have a second darker version of the objects behind the ones that can be destroyed so that it doesn't appear like the cut off top parts are floating in the air. Or maybe apply physics to them so they fall down?

  • Yep, both things are considered, first just playing around to see all together and check the limitations and see how far can go this prototype. That visuals can wait for the moment . The physics pieces falling is what i mentioned in my last post, but i don't know hot to achieve them.

  • Seriously, why do you need physics? Your particles are simply flying, falling and bouncing off the floor/walls. Bullet can do all this. And, I'm guessing, Bullet must be much better for performance.

  • Seriously, why do you need physics? Your particles are simply flying, falling and bouncing off the floor/walls. Bullet can do all this. And, I'm guessing, Bullet must be much better for performance.

    Hi, actually my particles are doing that yes, and bullet is enough but i want to do more.

    I want sprites colliding with walls/floor/player, i want that after shot a bullet a shell is spawned in the other side bouncing on the floor. I want some group of objects falling and get breaks on colliding with the floor, bouncing debris(1x1 ,1x2 pixels...) and interact with others,etc...

    I just want keep all the doors open, then will see the limitation of engine, perfomance and what kind of game can be done using the cool stuff .

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  • Here are the shell bullets on shoot, can't fix the rotations stop after time XD

    In the default physics there is in properties an "Angular Damping" but on Chipmunk only i found:

    Damping = Decrease the simulation of the speed but affects to all objects

    Angular velocity= Is set when the shell bullet creates and keep that velocity always.

    So i made another event that if Angular velocity is greater than 0 = Sprite.AngularVelocity-10,, and works in this way but in no realistic mode, here a gif to show:

    I saw R0J0hound say this on the chipmunk physics thread

    [quote:5yyk5be0]2. applying a force in the opposite direction as the velocity or angleOfMotion.

    But at some point you get negative values, or the velocity is negative and you get positive values, don't know how to detect each case depending of angle of motion / velocity :S .

  • Make the magnitude of the force proportionate to the speed.

    apply force at angle of motion with magnitude -speed*number

    where number is the strength of the force

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