How do I make a simple ragdoll game?

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  • I apologise if this sounded stupid. I'm new to Construct 2.

    Can someone give me a detailed answer on how I can me a ragdoll simulator?

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  • Have you seen the ragdoll example that is bult-in to C2?

    Select 'File/New' and type ragdoll into the search box.

    There are also numerous threads about ragdoll physics if you use the forum search.

  • Found this ragdoll demo i made a couple of years ago, lurking on my hard drive.

    Works ok in NWjs preview mode

    Hope this helps.

  • Both answers were extremely helpful. However, I'm having some problems with the collision polymer. When I run the game, it says some collision marks are overlapping. I checked each mark on each sprite and they don't look like they're overlapping. What should I do?

  • Hi ahadzeb

    What is 'Collision polymer' ?

    Not a term I am familiar with.


  • The option you get below the 'Image point' thing in the animation editor.

  • I think the overlapping collision polygon points were on the sprites at the edges of the screen.

    Try the following Spiderman ragdoll example. I added a touch option.

    Touch longer for more speed.

    Hope this helps.


  • chrisbrobs

    The version of C2 you are using - r18400 - is so old it is still referencing Node=Webkit as a preview browser, although that option changed to 'NW.js' a while ago.

    You may want to update

  • zenox98

    'The version of C2 you are using - r18400 - is so old it is still referencing Node=Webkit as a preview browser, although that option changed to 'NW.js' a while ago.'

    Your right, I'm still using r184. I downloaded and installed one of the recent stables, but the Frame rate on a lot of

    my projects plunged and I couldnt get WegGL to work. I eventually reinstalled r184 to get everything working again. Is there a guide to manually installing NW.js and do I have to completely remove the older Node=Webkit version?


  • chrisbrobs

    You just need to install C2, then download and install the separate NW from this url:

    That's it.

    RE: older version - that was part of the installation and installed itself within the C2 folder structure. The new NWjs just installs to a separate folder.

    Benefits include much smaller C2 download size, as C2 is updated far more frequently than NW is updated. When NW is updated, just uninstall and install new version.

    Anything else, feel free to ask.


  • zenox98

    I was a bit worried about opening stuff with the latest stable...getting a problem, and not being able to revert and still open the projects. I am getting a new PC tomorrow (better graphics card) so I will transfer everything to that and use the latest release.

    Thanks for info.


  • Thanks for the help! I cannot thank you enough for adding the touch option!

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