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  • Hello Everyone And All You Construct Wizards Out There I am in the beginning stages of a game, and need advice on Three things as I am having trouble finding it on the forums.

    1. I want a simple menu to start when the game loads...I am not sure if I need a new layer and event sheet but from what I understand I do..

    2. I want a simple box to pop up on the same screen when the player dies that says game over and that has a restart button..just as how flappy bird had it when it was a thing..and how many other games have it now...

    3. I included the infinite runner example capx that comes with construct, but I would like to know how to change the height of the platform the player jumps on.

    Thank You

    And Happy Creating!

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  • For the first two at least, be sure to check out the FAQ

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