Simple Question About Making a Tower Defence Game

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  • Hello friends,

    I am trying to develop a tower defence game nowadays. I am trying to set up basic logics of a tower defence game in my mind with construct 2. You know, in tower defence games sometime you want to sell your tower. When you click the tower sell button appears near the tower and when you click the sell button the tower disappears. I am ok with this part. But if i create same type of towers more then once and i click sell button to sell just one of the towers, all towers disappears.

    I want just one tower to disappear, not all of them. How do i set up this logic?

    Here is the capx file link:

    You can drag and drop new towers by clicking the green rectangle.

    Thanks for your helps.

  • I put a variable on the "Sellimage" that keeps the tower's UID, and then, when you touch it, only the tower and the image is destroyed


    EDIT: Oh, I forgot to tell that I disabled the way you were doing... When you use the event "Is touching Object", every second that you are touching the object, the actions are executed a lot of times... So I changed to "On touched Object", that execute only once.

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  • Seasky Thank you very much. awesome. :)

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