How do I make a simple Question and Answer game?

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  • HI guys!

    I am very new to this, and i want to make a small 10 question quiz game for some 9th graders, i want them to be able to play on facebook apps for bonus points towards their final grades =)

    I have seen the

    Trivia games and the multiple choice games, but thats not what i am looking for.

    I Want to be able to make a new quiz each lesson plan, and follow the same two formats; simple questions, and bonus photo questions. instead of a 4 possible answers, i would rather have a text based answer. anything else but the correct answer would be wrong.

    I am assuming it would be a database that can be updated weekly, like a simple PW login, they would need the correct answer to unlock the next question.

    Does this seem feasible?


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  • It is very much feasible. You will just need to form your data structures appropriately.

    You want to make it such that you can input quizzes by XML or JSON (I am partial for JSON, myself), then you can just input new JSON into the server each week. Like:




    "questions":[ { "questionId":1 "question":"What color is the sky?", "answerKeyWords":["blue"],




    "question":"Choose the image that matches the Eiffel Tower?",





    "question":"Name three countries on Europe.",

    "answerkeyWords":["Germany","France",'United Kingdom","Belgium","Holland","Poland","Austria","Italy","Spain","Portugal","Montenegro","Moldova"],




    Then you can do a comparison or contains character search to see if their input answer matches any of the key words.

  • This is exactly what i was looking for! Thank you!!

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