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  • bit of a noobie one but it has been a while since i last sued construct and i'm rushed for a deadline (today =/)

    right so then game i'm using follows the basics of the tutorial but the tutorial does not tell me how to go to a layout when All the monsters have been killed, i can do it so when 1 monster dies it will go to the "win" layout but i need to make it so it's when all the monsters die, there all the same sprite so i thing that makes things harder

    Thanks for reading Bammy :)

  • DO A BAR-

    Are talking about the platformer tutorial?

    Anyways, you can use the global variables for the system to know when you killed all the monsters. Let's say there are 9 monsters.We'll call the variable "enemies killed".

    You can use the "When destroyed" thing to check if the monster is dead. Then, you are going to use this:

    System-> Add to global variable

    The full event will look like this:

    Enemy:When Destroyed-->Add 1 to global variable "enemies killed"

    Now, we need to add the event that will jump you to the layout when "enemies killed" is equal to 9. That, of course, is what you can do.

  • it worked thanks a million ! :)

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  • Good Luck.

  • Hi B,

    For one kind of monster (=same sprite, many instances) you can also add an event that checks for the sprite count = 0, e.g.:

    Add Event -> System.Compare Two Values -> Sprite.Count = 0



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