Simple Point&Click Inventory Mechanics

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  • Hi guys,

    I'm really new to construct, so excuse my noobness.

    I already searched the forums, but can't find something fitting.

    I just have a static screen with a baground-picture.

    Now I want to place objects there you can collect by clicking on them and they will appear in you inventory box.

    Like in monkey island you know, but without a moving character.

    I only found Mikey's Adventure Tutorial, which looks like a little too complex.

    Do you have any tutorials for point&click mechanics or general

    advice, how I should handle this?

  • hayungs, is this what you mean?

    Click Inventory Example

  • Thx for your reply Wastrel.

    Your example LOOKS like what I need, but it only imitates it.

    It only changes the objects screen position on click.

    I need something like: On-click -> remove item from screen -> let item appear on free position in inventorybox.

    Later you should be able to use items from inventory with other objects on screen etc...

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  • hayungs, I have updated the example to include what i think you are talking about. It's been a long while since I played anything like Monkey Island, so I'm a little unsure about the exact mechanics. This should get you started though.

    Download from the link in my first post.

  • yes! that's looking very promising. Thx a lot.

    We are looking for a game-programmer for this project, perhabs you could contact me via

  • Nice work Wastrel. I also was thinking of making a point, and click style game. This will come in very handy I think for a lot of people. Thanks for the nice example. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thanks C2 is really nice for throwing something together and having it turn out pretty well.

  • Hi! I was looking for something like this and found this post.

    What I would like to build is something like this example but that saves the items with name and value to a list on disk so you can call it back in other layout and combine items /use in other object. I don?t know if this can be done all using global variables or is it something else.

  • It can be done with WebStorage.

    You just have to call it back later.

  • Seems the capx is no longer available. Is there somewhere I can get it?

  • Indeed the link doesn't work. As this post is referred in the "How do I..." FAQ, a new link should be provided, or the link should be deleted from here :

    RPG Genre / Simple inventory mechanic for a click and play

  • can someone please reup the capx ?

  • This is a link from the "How Do I" thread. There is no capx available anymore.. =(

  • I 2nd this. I can't DL the capx


    I think this is the example capx from the first page (broken link).

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