Simple but perplexing event sheet problem

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  • Hi All

    I am currently making an educational game and am having a strange problem. I am using the global variable Cycle to make things run in sequence. The link below is too a pic of my event sheet.However when i press on "sprite 1", and expect cycle to immediately change to "infa" from "1b" it does not allways do so. If i press within a few seconds of cycle moving to 1b the animations associated with pressing sprite 1 play but the cycle does not change(however it will change on a second click). If I press a few seconds after cycle becomes 1b it works fine.

    I think it is something to do with the wait between 1a and 1b, which i out in to allow my animations to play.

    Thanks for any help

    I am very confused

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  • you need to post a .capx or some screenshots so we can see what your events look like to find the issue

  • Using the wait action this way is not the best practice..

    You could use the timer behaviour, instead of the wait..

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