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  • hi there got a question

    im using on Object create - set Object to pathfind something on layout

    on path found move along path

    problem is its not working, so i was wondering if objects can actually pathfind if they are of screen? and if they cant what other method can i use?

  • Hm... I'm pretty sure that pathfinding works, so long as it's on the layout (That is to say, not on the margins) It's possible some other part of your code is interfering. Can you post a capx of your project? Hope I can help!

  • thanks for reply, im sorry cant post capx, as its a secret project atm, but i think you helped as the created objects are not on the actual screen but on margins ,as i wanted the troops to march onto the screen , hmmm the question is how do i do this without relying on basic movement

  • Glad I could get you started in the right direction! I think as long as a small portion of the unit is on screen, pathfinding might work, so spawning them with like a 10 pixel overhang on will give a good impression of marching in to the scene. You can also play around wiith the solids behavior to make walls around the camera zone, but have the layout extend past the camera. If your enemies pass through it, that might work. Unfortunately I don't have C2 in front of me, so I can't test either answer. Let me know if either works, and if not, I'll help brainstorm some other options.

  • You can have a quick look at these alternate plugins for dealing with the issue:

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  • thanks for the replies

  • Of course! Hit me up if you need any more help, or shoot me an email at

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