Simple Jigsaw puzzle with "dynamic" images

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  • so i guess the general jigsaw puzzle mechanic is pretty easy but i don't want to make all my puzzle pieces as a sprite/animation with the image already on it. that would make having a lot of different images(levels) more difficult and i would need to create a ton of sprites. also adding new images would require more work.

    instead i made the different types of jigsaw pieces i need as blank (white and a little shaded at the edges) .png files with alpha.

    with those pieces i made a 6x4 blank puzzle.

    now is there a way to texture the blank pieces with an image and "bake" it to position so every piece keeps the right part of the images when moved?

    am i thinking to complicated? is there maybe a better way to get there?

  • anyone?

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  • Off the top of my head without attempting it, I'd probably do what you did and have seperate puzzle pieces to define the shapes, then use those pieces as a mask to show parts of the image.

    The problem with this is, for a 1024x768 image for example, that if you had 10 puzzle pieces, then you'd need 10x 1024x768 images.

    Without trying, it's hard to say if there's a better way as I haven't messed with masks in C2.

    I guess you could create several canvas objects and paste each masked shape into those to cut down on multiple full images.

    If you can't figure it out, I might have a bash tomorrow when my mind is more fresh.

  • Hi AlanSmithee,

    I cant send you a PM based on my reputation So I will ask here.

    Did you figure this out? I'm interested to do the same.


  • no.. so far i didn't continue this idea because of this problem..

    if you figure something out, let me know

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