Simple issue with z-index [SOLVED]

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  • Just a super simple tunnel with perspective, the only problem is that it is only possible to sort entities (w/ for each ordered) ascending or descending, so I´m unable to send the recently created overlapping circles to their correct z position (as seen in the gif), I would like them to be behind the bigger circles, to give kind of a "tunnel effect".

    This could be easily solved if there would be a way to set an specific z-index, but it is not the case (I guess this feature´s still in the to-do list...)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Event sheet

    Circle spawner with sine continuously creates growing circles, as simple as that. Also, this might be a bit cpu intensive so I would happily accept optimisation tips!

  • If you put the most recent circles behind the older, larger ones then they won't even be visible. You should use rings instead of circles. To get the z-ordering right, just send the newly created object immediately to the back -- there's no need to continuously order them.

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  • Oh you´re totally right. I was wondering if I should have used rings from the beginning, though they might require to be way bigger sprites, I´ll see, thanks!

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