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  • Hello, I've been trying to make a flying game with physics and I'm having trouble with it. For now I'm using Y Velocity depending on the angle of the sprite and the "Speed" (Global Variable) it has. The sprite itself isn't moving, the background is, except going up and down. The problem with Y Velocity is that it simply doesn't look good nor natural, as a real plane. I've tried finding a solution on forums but it seems nobody has ever tried making a flying game in Construct 2 with semi-realistic physics.

    So here I am, asking for help because I really don't know what else to use to create these flight physics.

    An example of what I'm trying to do:

    EDIT2: I added an earlier capix with which I was kind of satisfied. I tried using other physics actions but it simply doesn't look good and I'm really out of ideas.

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  • Hi EmperorIvan

    It felt to me like the speed should reduce more when the craft is pointing upwards, especially as I tried flipping it right over and it ended up flying backwards but the background speed hadn't really changed much.

    As an aside, looking at your code in the Gravity group, you'd probably be better of using the switch plugin with range, or some else statements if you don't want to use plugins.

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